Cancer Hospital In India
Cancer Screening Program (CSP)

Cancer Screening Program is one of the main objectives of the Institute is to create cancer awareness and conduct cancer screening programmes for early detection of cancer, specially aiming at women because of the high incidence of cancer breast and cancer cervix.

As a commitment towards society, the Institute since its inception is conducting Cancer Awareness and Cancer Screening Programmes at a regular periodicity in the twin cities, districts and rural areas. These programmes are being organized with the co-operation of local authorities, NGOs and other philanthropic organizations.

Earlier the screening was limited to a thorough clinical examination and Pap smear for women. Now with the help of the Mobile Cancer Screening Unit is equipped with Mammography, Ultrasound and X-ray Units which is donated by Rotary international. The necessary investigations are done in the camp and the reports are given on the spot. With the help of this mobile unit we are able to reach the rural population who are predominantly agricultural labor and not in a position to come to urban centers for screening purpose alone.

Base line Mammography is done in women above the age group of 40–45 years for early detection of Breast Cancer and also in women with a strong family history of cancer breast every year. Mammography units are available only in a few centres in major towns.

We try to bring awareness and provide services to the poor people in avail free cancer diagnosis through our CSP. We take pride to inform that more than 165000 people were screened in the last 15 years. On average 80 camps are done in a year and CSP screens 15000 poor people. In the year 2004 under Velugu Programme we covered 19 villages in Ranga Reddy District and won the appreciation of the State Authorities. In addition to Rural Areas / Urban Slums, we screened the families of Police/Defence personnel in all the District Headquarters, nearby Military Establishments, Corporates & other Government Organizations.

The screening team consists of Radiologist, Gynecologist, Lady Doctors, Physicians, Nursing Staff, Radiology Technicians, supporting staff and the Manager.