Cancer Hospital In India

Basvatarakam is best known for its cancer treatment in Hyderabad.For us our patient are the first priority.We believe in providing the best cancer treatment to our patients.We even provide patient awareness program talking about different types of cancer like blood cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and other types of cancer. At the time of first visit of the patient to the Institute for consultation, the patient details are filled in a registration form at the Main Reception / Registration Counter. The Patient will receive a registration card with their MR. No. (Medical Record Number), which is unique for each patient.

We create your medical record with this Medical Record Number, update and preserve it with utmost care and confidentiality. This number enables speedy retrieval of your medical records and data, each time you pay a visit to your doctor for consultation or need to be admitted for treatment.

Registration fee of Rs.150.00 will be collected at one time. This is valid for life time. The consultation fee collected from the patient will vary from specialty to specialty. The fee paid will be valid for a month.

Supportive Services.
Blood Bank

Blood Bank at BIACH & RI is well-equipped with adequate infrastructure and trained manpower for quality, safety and efficacy of blood and blood products.

The hospital blood centre is responsible for the collection of blood (often from family/ replacement blood donors) testing for transfusion transmissible infection.. It also performs compatibility testing and issues blood and blood components for clinical use within the hospital or to nearby health care facilities.


1. Whole human blood

2. Blood Components

a) Packed Red Blood Cells

b) Fresh Frozen Plasma

c) Platelet Rich Concentrate

d) Platelet rich Plasma

e) Cryo Precipitate

f) Granulocyte Concentrate

3. Apheresis

a) Plasma Apheresis

b) Platelet Apheresis

c) Granulocyte Apheresis

We are providing lueco reduced red blood cells.

We are providing Irradiation facility for Blood and Blood components.

Transfusion Medicine

Blood transfusion is an essential therapeutic intervention and is a vital part of the health care service. We all may need blood in an emergency and some of us need regular transfusions. The purpose of a transfusion is to provide the blood & blood components that will improve the physiological status of the patient. Increasing demand in the field of transfusion medicine has necessitated enforcing measures to ensure quality of Blood and its products.


Apheresis is a procedure carried out to harvest a particular component and returning the rest of the blood to the donor by an automated machine. Five apheresis units are functioning in our blood bank. This procedure should be carried out only in a blood bank licensed for this purpose. Facilities available for Platelet pheresis (single donor platelets) and Leukopheresis from whole blood using continuous and intermittent flow cell separators.

Therapeutic cytopheresis is done only at the written request of the patient´s physician with in the blood bank or preferably in the ward depending on the patient´s clinical condition for Autologous and Allogenic Hematopoietic stem cell harvesting and cryopreservation.

Blood Irradiator – Blood irradiation is advised -

· Cellular components should be irradiated in order to reduce the risk of post transfusion GVHD

· For all immune suppressed patients including bone marrow transplant patients

· When blood is received from a blood related donor.

· In case neonatal exchange transfusion

The centre also has a voluntary blood donor programme.

24x7 Services can be availed. For Blood Bank Services please contact us on

040 2354 2344

040 2355 1235

Ex: 2263

Cancer Screening Program (CSP)

Cancer Screening Program is one of the main objectives of the Institute is to create cancer awareness and conduct cancer screening programmes for early detection of cancer, specially aiming at women because of the high incidence of cancer breast and cancer cervix.

As a commitment towards society, the Institute since its inception is conducting Cancer Awareness and Cancer Screening Programmes at a regular periodicity in the twin cities, districts and rural areas. These programmes are being organized with the co-operation of local authorities, NGOs and other philanthropic organizations.

Earlier the screening was limited to a thorough clinical examination and Pap smear for women. Now with the help of the Mobile Cancer Screening Unit is equipped with Mammography, Ultrasound and X-ray Units which is donated by Rotary international. The necessary investigations are done in the camp and the reports are given on the spot. With the help of this mobile unit we are able to reach the rural population who are predominantly agricultural labor and not in a position to come to urban centers for screening purpose alone.

Base line Mammography is done in women above the age group of 40–45 years for early detection of Breast Cancer and also in women with a strong family history of cancer breast every year. Mammography units are available only in a few centres in major towns.

We try to bring awareness and provide services to the poor people in avail free cancer diagnosis through our CSP. We take pride to inform that more than 165000 people were screened in the last 15 years. On average 80 camps are done in a year and CSP screens 15000 poor people. In the year 2004 under Velugu Programme we covered 19 villages in Ranga Reddy District and won the appreciation of the State Authorities. In addition to Rural Areas / Urban Slums, we screened the families of Police/Defence personnel in all the District Headquarters, nearby Military Establishments, Corporates & other Government Organizations.

The screening team consists of Radiologist, Gynecologist, Lady Doctors, Physicians, Nursing Staff, Radiology Technicians, supporting staff and the Manager.

Patient Support & Rehabilitation Clinic

The Diagnosis of CANCER brings about a lot of changes in one’s life. Bodily changes may take place, outlook to various things in life may change. The way one looks at the future and his responsibilities as well as family dynamics are also likely to change. In addition, treatment modalities be it Surgery, Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy may also bring about changes in one’s body.

Needless to say, this would be a difficult time for most patients and their family. It is not uncommon to be depressed or anxious (studies estimate that 40-60% patients get depressed during the course of their illness). Research also indicates that the outcome of illness would improve if depression is detected and adequately treated.

Treatment would not necessarily mean being on medication. Sometimes lending a listening ear or counseling regarding the illness and adverse effects of treatment also helps.

To address such issues, a ‘Patient Support Group’ has been started with a multi-disciplinary team comprising of:

  • Psychiatrist.
  • Nutritionist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Social Worker.
  • Doctors/Nursing staff from Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology departments.

This service is available to the patients at no additional cost to him. The team would liaise with the concerned clinicians should they wish to advocate any medication or suggestions.

The PSG office Clinic is located in the Radiotherapy Block(Block-2) and would function on all working days and walk- ins are accepted.

About Cancer

JASCAP attempts to impart up-to-date and accurate information on cancer and its management to individuals afflicted with cancer, as well as their caregivers, with the intention that cancer awareness will widen the horizons of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. For this reason, we manage a bookstall, from Tata Memorial Hospital, where the books and factsheets relating to different types cancer and its management, is distributed at a nominal price. The books are available in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam, and in English. JASCAP also provides audio-visual CDs and DVDs to the interested parties.

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