Cancer Hospital In India
Survivor Volunteers

The following programs are designed exclusively for Basavatarakam survivor volunteers.

Basavatarakam Network

This Volunteer Services program offers hope, support and understanding for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers from those who have been there.

Most Basavatarakam Network programs are available to all cancer patients and caregivers regardless of where they received care.

Matching patient to survivor, caregiver to caregiver -

Annual Cancer Survivorship Conference

Educational and other support programs serving survivors and caregivers online and onsite

Survivors and caregivers are encouraged to join the Basavatarakam net work

Pink Ribbon Program

The Pink Ribbon Program brings volunteer survivors face-to-face with current patients undergoing treatment in the Breast Center.

Research supports the concept of peer support for cancer patients’ healing process and patient-to-patient shared experiences allow common fears or anxieties to be expressed, supporting a patient's cancer journey. In the program, carefully selected Basavatarakam breast cancer survivor volunteers are trained to visit new and current Basavatarakam patients and family members.

Educated to listen to patient concerns and share appropriate personal cancer experiences, the volunteer also provides patient support with care, compassion and integrity.

In addition, volunteer survivors are available to medical personnel. Unlike some cancers, treatment for breast cancer involves a menu of options. Pink Ribbon volunteers help breast cancer patients become more comfortable with available treatments by demonstrating their surgical results and answering questions about their personal treatment experiences.

For more information contact Volunteer Services at 1800 4253 6666 or mail to :

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